A good book to take camping to read as you relax under a dense shade tree. Like the other reviewer this is a quick read and easily could be read in a weekend. In reading you will find some very good tips you can use if you camp. I'm amazed that these trips were the first time for 'Jane' to ever pull a camper, and neither one were that young. Kudos for going ahead and taking on a huge challenge, something I'm sure many would never attempt. The only downside to the book is that I was hoping my grandchildren would be able to read this for the (what I thought to brief) descriptions of where they traveled to but now think it best to wait till they're a bit older for the, although brief, references to romantic encounters.

-Amazon, Suz
Karen is my husband's cousin, so I read the book and definitely saw Karen throughout it.
Karen is a great gal and she lives life to the fullest always.

-Amazon, Jane Strauss
Just a couple of old broads made me feel very at home. Enjoyed the adventures . Scenery descriptions.
Author is aunt to my best friend

-Amazon, Susan
Thoroughly enjoyable! It's an easy read - especially on the beach. I'd like more adventures of these two old broads.

-Amazon, Tom
This is a wonderful book to curl up with on these cold snowy days. You will get so involved with the women you will think you are with them. There are times it made me laugh and other times I thought, "boy, you two had better use better judgment." I was very pleased when I came to the end of the story that I could see that Jane and her friend are definitely open for more stories. I hope the author, Karen, is working on more adventures.

-Amazon, Marsha D
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