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Karen J. Bates Welcomes Readers on Camping, Adventures and Life’s Lessons along the Way
Life is a journey; it takes us to the places that change our lives forever.
She likes to reach adults who love camping, hiking, traveling and the outdoors in general. And her simple joys reach a higher level of creativity when it leads to a story that she eventually turned into a book.
Karen J. Bates shares Camping Experiences of Two Old Broads under Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster. It follows the lives of two women: Marie and Jane, who have different worlds. A casual tent camping blossoms into friendship and their adventures begin. Marie, who is single, lives in an apartment in the city and is a social worker. Jane is divorced and a mother of two; she lives in a home in the suburbs and works in real estate.Both ladies have their own emotional baggage and struggles that remind the readers to spend quality time and explore outdoors.  Karen involves the readers in the characters exploration, curiosity and realizations. 
As the ladies find themselves in some sticky situations, they find love and lust in unexpected places. They find themselves floating high above Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a hot-air balloon. They somehow wind up trapped in a den of foxes. And then they witness an abusive relationship that ends in murder & But through it all, they are carried forward on a wave of fun, friendship, and excitement. What will they get into next?
Reviewers on Amazon shower this book with great reviews. Suz emphasizes its practicality especially for first time campers, Like the other reviewer this is a quick read and easily could be read in a weekend. In reading you will find some very good tips you can use if you camp. Marsha D comments, This is a wonderful book to curl up with on these cold snowy days. You will get so involved with the women you will think you are with them. Tom adds, A great leisure time book.
Camping Experiences& has been inspired by Karens experience. Hence, it comes so natural to provide clear scenery descriptions, useful tips on campers wannabes and produce a compelling plot. Karen says, I love to explore our beautiful country and challenge myself to the fullest extent possible.
"We are put on this earth to make it a better place when we leave than when we arrived."

Karen J. Bates
Camping Experiences of Two Old Broads
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Copies are available on Archway Publishing, Amazon, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and other resellers 

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